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Fundraiser Car Wash Registration

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  3. Preferred locations: 1 - Commercial car wash where wastewater is properly treated or/and area designed for vehicle washing where the water is discharged to the sanitary sewer system for treatment 2 - Areas that discharge to gravel, grass, or other permeable surfaces that allow water to infiltrate with no discharge of wash water to streets or storm drains
  4. Biodegradable / non-toxic / water-based / phosphate-free cleaning products must be used. Products such as Simple Green Car Wash, Turtle Wax Zip Wax Car Wsh & Wax, or G Wash meet these requirements and can be purchased at Walmart, AutoZone, Advance Auto, ACE Hardware, and other retail outlets. Do not use acid-based wheel cleaners or engine degreasers unless the waste can be properly disposed of.
  5. Will you be using the Town of Ashland's Wash Water Collection System?*
    If Yes, then the Town will promote your event on the Town's social media and you will receive training from Town staff.
  6. Tips for an Environmentally-friendly Event
  7. - Use hose nozzles that automatically turn off when left unattended
  8. - Reduce the amount of soap used by using a bucket of soapy water to re-soap rags or sponges rather than adding more soap directly to rags or sponges
  9. - Note that even biodegradable and nontoxic soaps can be harmful to aquatic life and water quality and should be kept out of the storm drain system
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