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Carter Park Picnic Shelter Reservation Form

  1. Carter Park Picnic Shelter Reservation Form
    In order to reserve the Carter Park Picnic Shelter, you must complete this form and submit the rental fee to the Treasurer's Office. The Carter Park Picnic Shelter will not be reserved until the Town has received a completed application and payment. The cost of renting the shelter is $45 for Ashland residents and $60 for non-Ashland residents. Rental fees include a $25 deposit that will be returned AFTER the Town Buildings & Grounds personnel notify the Treasurer’s Office that the park was left free of litter and garbage. Refunds are ONLY given in the case of inclement weather that hampers outdoor activities. An additional fee of $25 is added if alcohol is served (this does not include any fees charged by the ABC board). A copy of the appropriate ABC license must be provided to the Treasurer's Office before use if alcohol will be served.
  2. Please explain why you would like to rent the picnic shelter. Please include details if signs, banners, and/or sound systems will be used, and/or alcohol will be served. User is responsible for obtaining the appropriate licensing from the ABC board if alcohol will be served.
  3. Please list the date you would like rent the picnic shelter.
  4. Just in case your desired rental date is already reserved, please list a second date you would like to rent the picnic shelter.
  5. In reserving the picnic shelter, I have read the Carter Park Picnic Shelter Rules and Regulations and I agree to assume the responsibility of having all members of my group adhere to all park rules and regulations.*
  6. Payment
    Please make all checks payable to 'Town of Ashland". Mail Payment to the following address: Town of Ashland P O Box 1600 Ashland, VA 23005
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