2/28/23: Community members asked why children from Jamestown Road do not track to Ashland schools even though they are Town of Ashland residents.

The Ashland District Representative to the Board of Supervisors for Hanover County, Faye Prichard, attempted to provide some information, but committed to find out and share information for community members.  Mayor Steve Trivett provided some basic background information about census and population changes and the various borders that make up Ashland.

Follow Up: The  following response was received from Assistant Superintendent Chris Whitely:

“School attendance zones have been established and unchanged for quite some time across Hanover County. While we are not aware of any significant adjustments to attendance zones in over a decade, according to “A History of Education in Hanover County”, a book published in 2010, in 2006-07 new elementary school zones were established for Kersey Creek Elementary School, which opened in September 2006, and the zones for Pearson’s Corner, Washington-Henry, Henry Clay, and John M. Gandy elementary schools were modified at that time. Laurel Meadow Elementary School opened in September 2008, also requiring a shift in zones. Since these are Hanover County owned and operated schools, they serve students throughout the county, so attendance zones are not specific to the Town of Ashland. The established attendance zones generally align with major roadways (i.e., Interstate 95, Route 1, Route 301, Route 54, Route 360, etc.) and account for density in housing to help avoid overcrowding within our schools. The established attendance zones balance student enrollment with available capacity within each of our schools, which is continually monitored and evaluated to determine if any boundary adjustments may be necessary to maintain this balance.” 

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7. 2/28/23: Community members asked why children from Jamestown Road do not track to Ashland schools even though they are Town of Ashland residents.
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