2/28/23: Community members asked about the installation of a traffic light at Rte. 1 and Jamestown Road.

The Town Manager indicated that a light has been considered, but is a long ways off from being warranted at this time. He shared that it is more likely a light will be installed at Archie Cannon Road and Rte. 1 in the relatively near future.  The Public Works Director talked about traffic signal warrants, which are the set of requirements that should be met to install a traffic light.  He indicated traffic volumes and accident thresholds have not been met at the location and based on current traffic volumes and patterns he did not expect them to be met soon.  The Town Manager asked the Public Works Director to research if there is a waiver process to the warrants needed for a signal.

Follow Up: Public Works indicates traffic signals should only be installed when meeting nationally recognized traffic warrants, which there are 9.  Problems created by an unwarranted signal include excessive delay, increased rerouting of traffic to less appropriate roads or intersections, higher crash rates and disobedience of the traffic signal.     The warrants that apply to this type of intersection are the ones dealing with traffic volumes, accident history, and pedestrian volumes.  None of those warrants are currently met to install a traffic signal at that intersection.   We will monitor the intersection to see when it is warranted and with keeping in mind that we would need to budget for around $500,000.00 at today’s costs. 

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3. 2/28/23: Community members asked about the installation of a traffic light at Rte. 1 and Jamestown Road.
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