2/28/23: Community members asked about speed bumps as a means to reduce speed and frustrate cut through traffic.

The Town Manager and Public Works Director shared history on a similar request 10-15 years ago where temporary speed bumps were installed and subsequently removed because neighbors were very unhappy having to regularly navigate the bumps as well as the nuisance of the sound associated with cars going over the bumps and subsequently accelerating.  Even with this prior history the Town Manager instructed the Public Works Director to review Jamestown Road considering the Town’s traffic calming program to evaluate what additional measures, to include speed bumps, could be implemented to reduce speeds and deter overflow traffic.  By a show of hands approximately 50-60% of the individuals in the room were in favor of installing speed bumps.  

Follow Up: The Town Public Works Department did a field review and they will have a double yellow line striped down the middle of the roadway to keep drivers on their side of the road and help slow down traffic speeds.   Staff will also make sure the road is adequately signed for 25 MPH and re-apply the 25 MPH painted in several locations on the roadway.  These activities are early stage solutions in the Town’s traffic calming program.  

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1. 2/28/23: What can be done about traffic and speeding on the Street?
2. 2/28/23: Community members asked about speed bumps as a means to reduce speed and frustrate cut through traffic.
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