Ashland Town Council


Citizens of Ashland elect a five-member council to direct and establish the goals and policies of the Town. The Council elects a mayor for the Town from among themselves and appoints members of the Planning Commission, Economic Development Authority, and Parks and Recreation Committee. These elected and appointed officials represent the people of Ashland and are responsible for adopting all ordinances and resolutions for the Town.

Each elected or appointed official serves a staggered four-year term. Roughly half of each governing body is elected, appointed, re-elected, or reappointed every two years. More information about current council members is available at the links to the left.

Current Council Members

Steve Trivett

Mayor Steve Trivett

Elected: 2021 | Next Election: 2027

Richmond Region Tourism Liaison
Hanover County Liasion
Randolph-Macon College Liasion

Contact: | (804) 798-9219
John Hodges

Vice Mayor John Hodges

Appointed: 2017 | Elected: 2018 | Next Election: 2025

Richmond Regional Transportation Planning Organization Representative
Central Virginia Transportation Authority (CVTA) Representative
Randolph-Macon College Liaison
Hanover County Liaison

Contact: | (804) 798-9219
Anita Barnhart

Council Member Ms. Anita Barnhart

Elected: 2020 | Next Election: 2027

Ashland Planning Commission Liaison
Ashland Parks & Recreation Committee Liaison
Ashland Public Art Commission Liaison

Contact: | (804) 798-9219
Dan McGraw

Council Member Dr. Daniel McGraw

Elected: 2018 | Next Election: 2025

PlanRVA Liaison
Ashland Theatre Liaison
Ashland Economic Development Liaison

Contact: | (804) 798-9219
Pamela Sopall

Council Member Ms. Pamela Sopall

Elected: 2023 | Next Election: 2027

Downtown Ashland Association Liaison
Market Ashland Partnership Liaison
Board of Zoning Appeals Liaison

Contact: | (804) 798-9219