England Street Streetscape Project

Project Goal

Combine current and successful standards in downtown Ashland with new ideas to create a holistic gateway into the downtown area at a pedestrian scale, in partnership with the businesses and visitors to the Downtown area.

A “streetscape” is a planned combination of improvements to beautify and improve the built environment along a roadway for the traveling public. It is often geared toward pedestrians in high-traffic areas, where shoppers, tourists, and other types of visitors are expected… and desired! A streetscape will typically include a wide variety of site features, including street trees, street lighting, landscaping, enhanced sidewalks, site furniture, and related amenities.   

For the Town of Ashland, England Street is the primary gateway into the downtown area. These planned streetscape improvements will help beautify and connect the public space. The streetscape master plan borrows elements from the streetscapes already in place in Ashland, such as the Railroad Avenue Streetscapes, the Municipal Parking Lot, the Plaza (at the library), the Town Hall grounds, the Ashland Train Station, and entry features for Randolph-Macon College.


Spanning the length of England Street from Railroad Avenue to US Route 1, this project will include:

  • relocation of utility poles and lines to improve aesthetics and functionality;
  • widened sidewalks to enhance pedestrian access and accessibility;
  • crooked neck light fixtures to match those already in place along Railroad Ave;
  • increased landscaping, pedestrian-friendly benches, and more.


Due to the scale of this project in terms of overall investment (approximately $6 million), and the variety of businesses and utility providers involved, the England Street Streetscape Project is a phased multi-year project. Included in the Town of Ashland's Strategic Plan, the Town is committed to the completion of the entire project, consistently recommending allocation of funding for this project to Town Council each budget cycle.

Phase I: 100-200 Block 
Fully funded & slated for construction. (Completion: 2024)

Phase II: 300-400 Block
Staff requesting funding in FY25 (Completion: TBD)

Phase III: 500-600 Block
Staff requesting funding in FY25 (Completion: TBD)

Current Status 

(Last updated 10/04/23)

Phase I -- Underway

  • Step 1: Dominion Energy relocates utility lines and poles.
    • Status: The Town is working with Dominion on administrative items for the relocation. Once this is complete, Dominion will begin the physical work.
    • Anticipated Completion:  Winter/Spring 2024
  • Step 2: Town contractors complete sidewalk and roadway enhancements.
    • Status: The Contractor is reviewing plans and will be ready to work once Dominion completes its work.
    • Anticipated Completion:  Summer/Fall 2024
  • Step 3: Installation of light poles and landscaping.
    • Status: To be done concurrently with sidewalk roadway enhancements.
    • Anticipated Completion:  Soon after Step 2 

Anticipated Impacts

Questions or concerns? Reach out to the England Street Streetscape Project Manager, Kathleen Bison, at: kbison@ashlandva.gov or (804) 798-9219.