Parking Information

Whether you are here to shop, dine, or perhaps a longer stay for an Amtrak trip, please use the following resources to guide your adventure:

Map of Public Parking in Downtown Ashland

This map shows the locations of public parking as well as any time constraints. Additionally, below are the addresses to the main parking lots located east and west of the railroad tracks, along with their respective links in Google Maps:

Parking on the West Side of the Tracks

Ashland Downtown Municipal Parking Lot
109 Hanover Avenue, Ashland, VA 23005
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Town Hall Parking Lot
(**Note: No public parking in this lot on Saturdays from May-October until after 12:00pm.)
101 Thompson Street, Ashland, VA 23005
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Parking on the East Side of the Tracks

Ashland Library Municipal Parking Lot
105 Robinson Street, Ashland, VA 23005
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Special Events

Certain festivals, charity runs, and utility work may impact parking. If you are leaving your vehicle for longer than 48 hours, please make sure your vehicle will be left in a parking area not impacted by events. Visit these sites for more event information: and

Long-Term Parking Form

If you are leaving your vehicle for longer than 48 hours please fill out this form so that we can contact you if your vehicle needs to be moved.

Residential Permit Parking Application

As of August 1st, 2023, residential parking permits are required for on-street parking in District A: College Park Area in the Town of Ashland. Specifically:

  • The areas North of England Street bounded on the east by Washington Highway, bounded on the West by Henry Street and south of Berkley Woods Drive, but not including Berkley Woods Drive.
  • College Avenue beginning at 205 continuing east ending at the 500 block of College Avenue.
  • Calhoun St. to Caroline Street.
  • North Taylor Street any area contiguous to private property not owned by the college.
  • Louisiana Street in its entirety.
  • Caroline Street from the 400 block to Washington Highway.
  • Macon Circle in its entirety.
  • Randolph Circle in its entirety.
  • Henry Place in its entirety.

If you have questions about your need for a Residential Parking Permit, please email: or call (804) 798-9219.