Snow Removal

Snow Emergency Routes

The Town’s snow emergency routes need to be open for first responders, public safety officials, and road crews at all times. In the event of snow, sleet, hail, freezing rain, ice, water, flood, high wind, storm, or the threat thereof, the Police Department may be authorized to remove any vehicle that is stalled, stuck, parked, or abandoned on or along any highway or street designated as a snow emergency route.

Should the Town Manager declare a snow or other emergency, the declaration will be posted via several communication tools, including:

  • Town of Ashland Website
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Cable Channel 17
Snow emergency routes have first priority for salting, sanding, and plowing. Traffic signs identify Town streets that are Snow Emergency Routes. The goal is to allow Public Works crews to safely clear vital routes within Town for emergency vehicles and the general public. Once the designated streets have been completely cleared, the parking restriction will be lifted and announced via the Town’s communication resources.

The streets highlighted in red on the map below have been designated as snow emergency routes:

Snow Emergency Parking Restrictions Map

Designated Snow Emergency Routes

  • Thompson Street from Town Limits to Railroad Tracks
  • Hanover Avenue from Town Limits to Thompson Street
  • S Center Street from Lee Street to Ashcake Road
  • Henry Street from Archie Cannon Drive to England Street
  • Hill Carter Parkway from Kitty Hamilton Lane to England Street
  • Kitty Hamilton Lane from Hill Carter Parkway to N Carter Road
  • N Carter Road from Kitty Hamilton Lane to England Street
  • S Carter Road from England Street to Devereux Drive
  • Devereux Drive from Hill Carter Parkway to S Carter Road


A gentle reminder to Ashland Businesses - please be sure to clear the snow from the sidewalk in front of your business. Not only does Ashland code require it, but your customers and neighbors will thank you! Also, residents (tenant, owner, or occupant) are responsible to have snow removed from the sidewalk along the road in front of your property. The Town does not have adequate staff to clear sidewalks throughout the town.

Shovel Right

Snowplows push snow, they do not remove it. Snow mounds are created each time the trucks plow the street, including the final pass after the snow stops falling. Unfortunately, if you clear the snow mounds before the final pass, the trucks will create another snow mound on their next pass. If you must shovel before the final pass, it will help if you shovel snow to the right side of your driveway as you stand facing the street.

Watch this short video below to see how to shovel to help keep your driveway clear:

VDOT: How to Properly Shovel Your Driveway