Financial Transparency

Ashland's Financial Transparency
The Town of Ashland has partnered with to enhance access, understanding and analysis of the Town's annual budget and operations. This partnership also expands the Town's efforts to provide financial information to the citizens of the Town.

Visit the Financial Transparency Site!

The following are a few frequently asked questions:

Q: What is OpenGov?
A: OpenGov is a financial transparency website which displays the Town's finances over a five year period. The budget and expenses for all town departments and divisisions are presented in the graph form.

Q: How do I select the data I want to see?
A: On the left side of the page, there is a display option. Click the drop down meny and the choices are: Funds, departments and expense types. You can further select the data under the filter option, below the display option. In this, you can select the funds and departments you want to see as well as the expenditures or revenues associated with these options.

Q: Why are there sometimes spikes in one year out of a five year period?
A: In reviewing the budgets, you may see spikes in the individual years; this can be due to unexpected expenses such as a hard winter, equipment failure, a mandated service change from the State, a specific event that required additional funds, etc.

Q: What will the revenue graphs show?
A: Revenue is shown that details the effect of changes in State government funding to localities, property taxes, other local taxes, fees, grants, interest, etc.

Q: How do I see the actual numbers within the graph?
A: There are various ways to see this. you can scroll over the graph or on the individual items on the left side of the graph. There is also a chart on the bottom of the page that shows the data.

Q: Can I save the data I am looking at?
A: Yes, there is a download button on the upper right hand corner. The data can be saved as a table or a spreadsheet.

Q: Can I see the data in various illustrations?
A: There are various graphs and tables that you can view. In the upper right hand corner, you will see options for the different graphs and tables. Among there are: Stacked percentage graph, bar graph, stacked graph, pie graph and a table.

Q: Can I select more than one fund or departments?
A: Yes. Once you select how you want the data to display, you can select as many funds and/or departments as you like.

We invite you to explore this site to gain a better understanding of the operations of the Town and to see where your tax dollars are spent. The online Open Budget through an Open Gov Budget Transparency Website is now live and ready for your use. Please email your questions to .

Vist the Financial Transparency site!