Railroad Avenue Streetscape Phases I, II, & III

Years Constructed: 2013 - 2018

Funding: TOA General Fund and Road Maintenance Fund

Type of Improvement: Permeable pavers; bioretention areas; streetscaping

Benefit of Improvement: Improved drainage and filtration of stormwater; improved aesthetics

Additional Information: This project is being done in three phases. 
  • Phase I - West side of Railroad Avenue, both north and south of Route 54 (Thompson Street)
  • Phase II - East side of Railroad Avenue, south of Route 54 (England Street) and north of Robinson Street
  • Phase III - East side of Railroad Avenue, south of Lee Street and north of Myrtle Street
All three phases have been completed and include replaced sidewalk, a decorative strip of red pavers along existing buildings, decorative red permeable pavers (which allow water to infiltrate) in many on-street parking spaces, bio-retention areas, and regular landscaped areas. The permeable paver and bio-retention areas help with managing stormwater quality and quantity. This helps our local streams, rivers, and, ultimately, the Chesapeake Bay.