Online Forms

Below are various forms that you may fill out online and submit electronically to the Ashland Police Department.

Business Night Card

Fill out this form so the Police Department knows who to contact if a problem arises at your business during the night time hours.

Use this form to submit a commendation or a complaint about a specific officer or about the department.

Crime Tips
Please use this form to submit any tips or other information that may lead to the solution of a crime in the form below.

Festival Permit Application 

Use this form if you plan to conduct any parade, musical or entertainment festival in the Town.

As a rule of thumb, an event will require a permit if amplified music is involved and there are over 50 people planned to be in attendance.

The festival permit process does not apply to the following:
     Any event that is completely held within an enclosed, permanent, structure;
     Any such gathering conducted within the confines of a family, theme or recreation
     park, wherein non-musical entertainment is provided on a regular basis;
     Wedding receptions.
     The playing of non-amplified instruments.

The completed application must be filed with the Ashland Police Department at least 21 days before the date of event.

Freedom of Information Act Form
Please use this form to submit a Freedom of Information Act request. You may print this form off, and bring it filled out completely to the Ashland Police Department, or you may mail it to the following address:

Ashland Police Department
Attn: FOIA
601 England Street
Ashland, VA 23005



Property Check

Fill out this form so the Police Department knows who to contact if a problem arises while you are out of town.

Off-Duty Request Form

Business, organizations, and individuals may use this form to request the services of off-duty police officers. 

Traffic Safety Request

Please use this form to request resources related to a traffic problem.

Solicitor & Peddler Permits

For information on how to apply for Solicitor and Peddler Permits.