Local government is one way we work together as a community to provide basic services like sidewalks and streets, police protection, public parks, safe buildings, and so on. The Town of Ashland prides itself on providing efficient and effective government services that support our community and enhance our quality of life.

Public participation in the government process is an important part of ensuring the services being delivered meet the needs of Ashland residents and businesses. There are many ways to get involved from watching town meetings to volunteering your time and expertise to actively working on behalf of a project or cause that improves the lives of your fellow citizens. The staff value your input and encourage anyone with an interest to get involved with the Town.


The Town of Ashland operates under the council-manager form of government. This system combines the strong political leadership of an elected town council with the strong managerial experience of an appointed town manager. Policy is then set by the town council and implemented by the professionally trained town manager and his or her staff. Click here for more on the council-manager form of government.