What is Zoning?

Zoning is the process of planning for land use by a locality to allocate certain kinds of structures in certain areas. Zoning also includes restrictions in different zoning areas, such as height of buildings, use of green space, density (number of structures in a certain area), use of lots, and types of businesses. Levels or types of zoning include open space, residential, retail, commercial, agricultural, and industrial.

Zoning Ordinance
Zoning Map
Residential Regulations: Form  
Residential Regulations: Use 
Sign Regulations: Quick Reference Sheet
Zoning Compliance or Confirmation: Form

Commercial zoning district regulations are summarized through the following packets:

B1 B2 B4 M1
RR-1 Cover

R-1 Cover
R-2 Cover
R-3 Cover
R-4 Cover
R-5 Cover
RIn Cover
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Septic Tank Pump Out in Chesapeake Bay Preservation Areas (CBPAs)

To protect the health of the streams in the Town of Ashland and the Chesapeake Bay, the Town has an ordinance requiring that septic tanks located in CBPAs be pumped-out at least once every five years [Section 4.1-209(b)(5)]. According to State law, the Town keeps track of compliance with this requirement. The Town sends reminders to owners of septic tanks in the CBPAs indicating that a pump out is required. If you receive such a letter please have your system pumped out at your soonest convenience. Please call our planning team at (804) 798-1073 if you have questions.