Town residents have several options for disposing of leaves in their yard:

Raking leaves to the curb for leaf collection

In November and December, leaf collection operations run on a scheduled route through Town as weather permits (i.e. not raining / snowing / below freezing), and this schedule is updated every October (2023 Leaf Collection Schedule now available). In addition to the larger leaf collection operation that occurs in November and December, the Town also collects smaller piles of loose leaves and grass year-round, thanks to a new leaf vacuum truck that can be operated without the need for a larger crew.

Bagging leaves for brush collection

Another option is to bag leaves and set them out to be collected as brush. This is an option for those who want their leaves to be collected by the brush crew along with other brush or who wish to keep their leaves contained. Using paper lawn and leaf bags is preferred.

Taking leaves to the convenience center

Taking leaves to the Elmont Convenience Center (located at 11045 Lewistown Road in Ashland) is another way to dispose of leaves. As Hanover residents, all Town residents have free access to this service, and it can be an especially good option if you want to remove leaves and brush from your property during the weekend, as they are open 7 days a week (barring holidays).

Mulching leaves into the lawn

If you have a mulching mower, this is an option that actually eliminates the need for leaf disposal. Moreover, studies have shown that this process can improve the quality of your turf! This publication from the Virginia Cooperative Extension can tell you all about it.

Residents are reminded that the burning of leaves is not allowed in the Town of Ashland.